Cartier Santos Replica Vs. Omega Speedmaster Replica watches

Usually, the Sunday morning showdown consists of two very similar replica watches – chronograph versus chronograph, diver versus diver, or GMT versus another GMT. Usually, our two editors compete with each other. Well, not today. This Sunday morning’s showdown will feature two different replica watches, a one-man show. I didn’t think of all this alone. It was inspired by a question I was often asked. On Instagram, people occasionally send me DM to tell me which watch to buy next. I often encounter the dilemma between Santos cartier replica watches and omega Speedmaster replica watches.

Don’t misunderstand me; It’s not that I don’t like to accept these questions. However, due to the repeated occurrence of this dilemma, I think it would be good to dedicate the Sunday morning showdown of this week to it. You know, just for the benefit of those who find themselves torn between two watches. This is interesting because at first, I thought, “These watches are so different… How can people choose between them?” But when you consider this, they are actually quite comparable. OK, let’s take a closer look, but let’s first look at the results of last.

Ccartier replica watches

Cartier Santos Replica watches

When you see Cartier Santos and Omega Speedmaster replica watches side by side for the first time, you may think, “They are not the same anymore!” First, size and shape. Yes, you can buy the 40mm wide Cartier Santos replica watches, but when I ask this question, people usually mention a smaller Santos. For example, my Santos Galb é e has been 32mm wide since 2006, or the current large Santos replica, 35mm wide. This is a somewhat rectangular watch, so it is always larger than the size suggested. To be honest, I don’t think Santos watch will be too big on your wrist. Its design is big enough. The larger size should not accentuate this point.

In addition to size, these are two completely different replica watches. Cartier Santos replica is a “simple” three hand watch with a date window in some cases. It has a blue pointer and a square silver white dial surrounded by black Roman numerals. Again, it does have a baffle, just like Speedmaster. But it is not a speed measuring scale, but a pile of messy screw heads.

There is one last difference that I would like to mention. I think Santos is very much like a replica watch, which should only be worn on its magical bracelet. On the other hand, Speedmaster not only looks great on the bracelet, but also almost all the belts are very beautiful, especially a beautiful NATO. I really tried to take off my Santos bracelet, but it didn’t loosen. To be honest, I don’t mind. This watch is worn on a bracelet with invisible clasps. It looks really good. I think it will look good on a beautiful belt. But it will certainly not be close to Speedmaster’s “belt monster” state.

omega Speedmaster replica watches

Omega Speedmaster Replica watches

Omega Speedmaster Professional (Moonwatch) replica watch is a 42mm watch and has always been so. It must have a more traditional circle. It is also a little larger than Santos’ watch, but it is suitable for both smaller watches and larger replica watches. In particular, the new bracelet perfectly wraps the wrist from the end of the lug. But the Speedmaster’s header must be heavier than Santos’s. On my wrist, Speedmaster moves back and forth much more than Santos replica. The latter feels more like a bracelet on the wrist.

Speedmaster replica watch is a very classic chronograph with a black dial and pink white hands. It has three sub dialing functions, which are used to display the running seconds and record the minutes and hours used. There are many things on the dial, but because the background is black, it doesn’t look busy, at least according to my experience. It also seems to be smaller than the actual size. For Santos, the opposite is true. The bright dial is a real eye and light catcher.

The new Speedmaster replica bracelet is great. I wear the most Speedmaster bracelets. But you can really tie any tape on a good ol’Speedy. It will wear well! Therefore, if you really like to change the appearance of your watch with different straps, please choose Speedy.

omega Speedmaster replica watches

Your personal style

So I think in the final analysis, which replica watch is more suitable for your personal style. Speedmaster is definitely more athletic than Santos. However, I found that the versatility of the wrist was not even much different. These two replica watches look good with T-shirts and jeans, but they also look good if you dress formally.

Sorry, I’m not here to help. However, I must say that if I had to choose between the two, I would choose my Santos replica watches cartier. This is only based on my irrational feelings about it. It really feels like a watch tailored for me. In this sense, Speedmaster is not so unique to me. But this is a very subjective thing. I suggest you try both, if possible, for a while, and then decide which one you are most closely connected with.

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