Guide To The Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches 2023

Last year, I received a large number of requests for omega replica watches, reissues or relaunches of the long discontinued Omega Speedmaster ’57 Broad Arrow. I think it’s time to compile a (mini) buyer’s guide for this Speedmaster omega replica.

AAA Omega replica watch used a very unfortunate name for this Speedmaster 3594.50, but it was used with all good wishes. This is the first time fake Omega tried to redesign the first Speedmaster CK2915, and the watch was first released in a replica of Speedmaster ’57. Obviously, Replica Omega’s employees did not realize the negative meaning of this word for watch collectors and enthusiasts. Recently, one of our readers and Speedmaster enthusiasts’ IG account was blocked by Instagram because he called this watch a Speedmaster replica (professional tip: don’t do this).

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Omega Speedmaster ’57 Replica

In addition to naming, Omega replica watches launched Speedmaster ’57 in 1997 as part of 50 mission cases. Each case contains 23 Omega Speedmaster watches, a container containing the new 1861 movement, and a magnifying glass. The 22 Speedmasters are the so-called “task patch” model. On the 9 o’clock sub dial, each has a space mission patch design.

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The 23rd Speedmaster (or the first Speedmart, depending on your opinion of it) is the new Omega Speedmaster ’57 replica 3598.50. Yes, the reference number is slightly different from the regular production model in 1998. There are 40 Mission Cases available in the market, and the watch is separately numbered xx/40. Omega replica has also produced two batches of five Mission Cases. They have slightly different cover designs, numbered x/5. One batch is labeled “hors commerce”, while the other batch is “é preuves d’artists”. One of the cases now resides at the NASA Visitor Center in Houston, Texas.

Speedmaster ’57 3594.50 becomes replica watches

In addition to the steel version launched in 1998, Omega replica also launched 150 Speedmaster ’57 gold versions. In the same year (1848-1998), the 150th anniversary of the brand was commemorated. There are also some interesting facts about this golden edition. It has a gold bracelet (reference number 1479). Although it does not have a sapphire case, it has a new caliber 1863 (the luxury product of 1861) at that time. In addition, Mark Knopfler, the lead singer of Dire Straits, also wore it (perhaps still does). The version reference number on the gold bracelet of Speedmaster 57th Anniversary Edition is 3193.50. At the same time, the reference number of the version with leather strap and gold fold buckle is 3693.50. You can find more information about the gold medal Speedmaster AAA omega replica watches here.

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In 1998, Omega replica watches launched a separate version of the Speedmaster Professional task patch model in the task case. 100 to 150 pieces of each model can be purchased separately, each in a white fabric “Missions” box. Omega has two exceptions to this. One of them is Speedmaster Pro Apollo 13. This replica watch was released in 1995, with a limited quantity of 999 pieces (bracelet with old number 1479). Another exception is the Speedmaster ’57 replica. The reference number of this watch is 3594.50 (the model of the brown strap is 3894.50), which has been used as a regular production model until 2003. Although it can still be used in the following years, production has stopped. After 2003, this watch disappeared from the Omega catalogue.

However, what Omega replica really changed was the dial, which was similar to the original dial of the Speedmaster CK2915 in 1957. Of course, there is no word “professional” on the dial. Omega uses the old font of the brand name and the word “Speedmaster”. In addition, Omega decided to use the logo used by the brand before 1968. The model also uses a steel wide arrow pointer to display hours and minutes, and uses a small alpha pointer on the secondary dial. The application of Super LumiNova is used for index and central hour and minute hands.

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In addition, Omega replica watch replaced ordinary steel watch rings with black aluminum inlays and replaced them with all steel watch rings engraved with black tachometer scales. It is larger (39.7mm vs 38.6mm) and thicker (1.85mm vs 1.2mm) than the original frame. However, this bezel has been used to replace the original steel bezel on some Speedmaster CK2915 models because it is very close. The first watch ring is most likely to leak the “A” in “Tachm è tre”, which has a flat top. Therefore, if you see the CK2915 with a pointed “a”, you will know where the border comes from.

The back of the replica watch case is also different from Speedmaster Professional 3570.50, with the inscription “All NASA manned space missions qualified”. On the contrary, its center is only the seahorse badge, which reads “Speedmaster”, without any other words or carvings. There is a soft iron inner shell below the back to protect the watch from magnetic influence.

At the time of publication, there were 23 examples on Chrono 24 for sale, with the lowest price coming from Japan. This is related to the weak yen, but remember that you may need to add freight and customs duties (VAT) to the price. Through WatchCharts, I saw about 29 in total, but since it accepts quotes from multiple sources, I saw the same examples on different platforms. It is wise to focus on different platforms and remember that the condition of the watch should be the most important aspect.