TAG Heuer: The third generation of Golf Edition Replica Watch

The 45mm black titanium case of the Golf Edition replica watch has a black ceramic bezel with 18 scales engraved on the dial, corresponding to each hole of a round of golf. In addition to other uses in other apps, you can use the two button pushers with green paint on the side of the crown to record the shot and distance in the Golf app. The white rubber strap with green stitching has a texture similar to the pitted surface of a golf ball. With the help of Luxury Watch TAG Heuer’s quick-change system, you can easily pull out the attached black rubber band with a hole to get a more formal look.

The TAG Heuer Golf Edition cheap fake watch dial’s OLED touchscreen dial is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and now has five additional custom-designed normally open faces, highlighted in green, echoing the color of the strap. The dial switches between active mode and ambient mode to extend battery life throughout the day, but the time is always displayed. Luxury Replica Watch Golf Edition comes with a magnetic battery charger and a dedicated travel bag, all in an accessory box with four T-shirts, a turf tool and three golf balls, all of which are TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) ) Brand, there is also a rubber strap.